Works of Faith Ministries Transportation Policy

If you need a ride to church please contact Michael Williams at 816.585.6659

Advance Notice:  Works of Faith Ministries riders must schedule at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled service or event to arrange for pick up.


The safety of our passengers at Works of Faith Ministries is very important. With this in mind, Works of Faith Ministries has instituted the following policies and procedures for van ministry travel. All ministry groups must abide by these procedures.

Policies and Procedures for Travel with Works of Faith Ministries Van Ministry Prior to departure, all passengers shall complete the following forms 1. Works of Faith Ministries Policy and Procedure Signature Notification 2. Works of Faith Ministries Permission and Medical Release Form.

Emergency/Accident/Incident Information

These forms will be kept on file in the office of Works of Faith Ministries. In addition, copies of these forms will also be given to van driver/monitor. These forms will be kept in case of any unforeseen emergency for one year. The transportation ministry will be instructed to contact the emergency contact specified IMMEDIATELY in case of any accident/incident/emergency.

Advance Notice

Works of Faith Ministries riders must schedule at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled service or event to arrange for pick up. Van Drivers may have limited ability to accommodate short-notice requests as resources fill up quickly. Please provide as much advance notice as possible.

Van On-time Policy

It is the goal of Works of Faith Ministries to pick up all riders within 60 minutes before or 15 minutes after the scheduled pick up time. It is the responsibility of the rider to be ready for the vehicle when it arrives. Lead times may vary. We are currently having to, sometimes, make multiple routes to make sure everyone is picked up and dropped off to attend services/events. At this time we only have 1 van that provides transportation, with that being stated, your child may be picked up or arrive home later than expected from certain services. If this does occur, we will notify you of this.

Van Wait Policy

When the Works of Faith Ministries driver arrives to pick up, the van or volunteer driver will wait a maximum of 5 minutes for the rider. If you are going to be late or need to change your trip time, please call Works of Faith Ministries Church Van Driver/Monitor at least two hours in advance so the driver can be notified.

Cancellation Policy

Any rider who needs to cancel their scheduled trip must notify Works of Faith Ministries, Van Driver/Monitor at least two hours before the pick-up time. Failure to cancel your trip could result in the rider forfeiting their next van trip. Riders failing to cancel their trip within two hours more than three times will have ridership privileges suspended.

Audio / Video Devices

Electronic devices may be used on the van only if the sound is transmitted to the user by ear plugs or headphones and the content is not offensive to other passengers. However, if these devices are brought on the van, and in the event are lost, stolen or broken, Works of Faith Ministries or its assignees will not be responsible for repair or replacement of the devices.

Food Consumption & Smoking

Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted by passengers on Works of Faith Ministries Transportation vehicles. Please do not bring open food or beverage containers on board. Food and/or drink items for a specific church service and/or event is asked to be given to the driver or the monitor before passengers enter the van.

Passenger Conduct

Passengers are expected to adhere to commonly accepted rules of conduct. Please be courteous with your driver and other passengers. A driver may refuse to transport a passenger who appears to be under the influence of alcohol, illegal or dangerous substances, or whose behavior and/or language is abusive, offensive, disorderly or dangerous to themselves, the driver, or other passengers. Works of Faith Ministries reserves the right to suspend or deny service as appropriate. Works of Faith Ministries may suspend a rider for incidents of disruptive behavior, repeated violations and/or breaking of Works of Faith Ministries policies and procedures or breaking the law.

Seat Belts & Restraints

Missouri law requires that all passengers use seat belts or appropriate child safety restraints while the vehicle is in motion. Passengers must remain seated until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Passengers with a medical seat belt exemption must provide a medical exemption certification when boarding. No children requiring child safety seats will be allowed as a passenger. Children must be over 49” tall.

Proper Attire

Shirts and shoes must be worn on Works of Faith Ministries transportation vehicles.

Littering and Property Damage

Littering or defacing of property is prohibited.

Hazardous Materials

Guns, knives, explosives, dangerous liquids, and hand carried parcels that could cause injury to other passengers are banned by law.

Adverse Weather

Works of Faith Ministries may reduce or cancel services during severe weather. Please call van ministry contact Lewis Webb at 816-729-2840 for updates as to transportation service reductions or cancellations.

Passenger Assistance

Works of Faith Ministries van drivers are trained in passenger assistance techniques and may provide passenger assistance in boarding and disembarking from the vehicle. Passenger assistance may include guiding the passenger to the vehicle, lending a steady arm for balance in boarding the vehicle, or finding a seat. Works of Faith Ministries drivers will not provide assistance that involves bearing weight, including lifting and carrying passengers. Individuals who need extensive assistance in traveling must arrange for a Personal Care Attendant to accompany and assist them. Works of Faith Ministries does not provide Personal Care Attendants. The driver may refuse service if the passenger cannot safely travel to and from the vehicle without the driver lifting or carrying them. Works of Faith Ministries drivers will not enter passengers' homes. For the safety and protection of both drivers and passengers, it is against our policy to provide this type of assistance.


The driver and all occupants in the vehicle must wear safety belts at all times. All equipment must be stored properly and not loose. The driver must obey all posted speed limits.